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FNF - Norwegian Society of Cinematographers
NFR - Directors Guild of Norway

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Norwegian by birth but not necessarily of heart, I feel at home anywhere there is good diving and single malts. I am trained as a film camera man at The London Film School class 167 of 1990/91 - The Art and Technique of Film Making. A very hands-on course that emphasized practical experience and tuition in all aspects of traditional celluloid film making. Although proficient in all things fast and digital, I appreciate the more careful pace of analogue film production where planning ahead was once a virtue.


Since 1991 I have worked as a lighting cameraman and editor on practically all available formats before turning to RED cameras in 2007. I acquired one of the first underwater housings for RED One in Europe in 2008, then moved on to Gates housings for RED One in 2010 and RED Epic in 2013, today with a variety of equipment for all types of underwater cinematography. 

First and foremost a topside cinematographer, I strive to be more than just a camera operator down below. I have a good eye for practical as well as aesthetical solutions to demanding shoots, ensuring that scenes cut together to tie up the story - despite filming under the most challenging conditions. This means that the director and surface Director of Photography can be sure to get more than expected when filming in the sometimes very complex underwater realm.

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