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held by Amund Lie
Directorate of Labour Inspection Norway / Petroleum Safety Authority:
- Yrkesdykkker klasse 1 (IDSA Level 3). Inshore and offshore surface supplied air diver to 50 meters
Directorate of Labour Inspection Norway:
- Redningsdykker klasse R - SAR (Search and Rescue) air diver to 30 meters
- IANTD CCR Diver / Advanced Rec Trimix
- CMAS** Diver
- PADI Divemaster
- PADI Nitrox Diver
Rescue 3 International:
- Swiftwater Rescue Technician - river and surface rescue mission

My career as a diver started with training to the level of BSAC Scubadiver in Kenya in 1982, then CMAS** in Norway 1983, later PADI Divemaster (and various other PADI certificates), before trained and certified as Surface Supplied Offshore Air Diver Class 1 / IDSA Level 3 and Class R SAR rescue diver. This allows me to perform occupational diving from any vessel inshore and offshore with air as main gas down to 50 meters, utilizing many types of powered tools, oxy-arc cutting and welding equipment. I also work as a part-time instructor at NYD - Norwegian School of Commercial Diving.


As a Closed Circuit Rebreather diver I can perform silent, bubble-free diving of 180+ minutes duration beyond the 50 meter limit of air diving (camera housings notwithstanding...)

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