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A basic, ready to go solution in the Oslo area, including equipment (RED camera, lenses, underwater housing, dive gear, van etc,) exclusive of certified safety divers will cost from NOK 25.000,- excl. tax pr. day. A fully rigged camera with lens in an underwater housing, plus dive gear ready for use means minimal downtime on a shoot. This is the best solution for shoots with a larger crew, typically on commercials where each waiting moment means added cost.


Short scenes for tv drama and feature films are priced at NOK 14.000 - 18.000 excl. tax pr. day, depending on the number of consecutive days and level of complexity. Safety diver(s) and additional gear for securing the work site not included. On location safety divers can normally be hired in from the local fire brigade or water rescue team.

We can adapt to various budgets and be quite flexible if your production has limited resources. Concessions can be made for aspiring filmmakers, documentary productions and music videos, with rates around NOK 10.000 kr. excl. tax. pr. day.


These options include the necessary, basic equipment for filming underwater scenes with camera operator and local transport, but is not complete for any production. In general it is not possible to give a fixed price when we are not in complete control of all phases of the shoot. Please contact us for a detailed budget breakdown. 



For quick shots just below the surface from a pier or a boat, we can rig cameras on poles with video feed to a surface monitor. This way no diver has to participate and we can cut costs significantly. Both lightweight cameras like the A7sII or even heavier RED or Alexa cameras can be controlled this way. Please contact us for more information.



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