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The underwater housings can withstand depths to 10, 30 or even 100 meters. Several lens types can be used; PL-mount film optics or Nikonos, Nikon and Canon mount lenses. A variety of specialty lenses are available for macro, split screen a.o.. All housings can be provide live video feed to the surface, and some offer complete control of camera menus, aperture and focus so that the 1st AC and camera assistants can operate essential camera functions from dry land (while the diver does the freezing...)



• Nauticam housing for RED Epic Dragon/Scarlet

• Nauticam/HydroFlex for Arri Alexa Mini 

• 2x Nauticam housings for Sony A7sII / A7s

• Aquavideo action housing, crash and splash, max depth 10 meters. Mounting points for crane and vehicle fixture. Fits many cameras.

• Port extenders, macro ports,  glass domes to allow most PL-mount prime lenses, compact zooms and still photo lenses


• 2-way diver to surface radio, full duplex. Cabled, AT (HSE) approved. Onboard audio recorders for voice

• Wireless diver to surface, diver to diver PTT communication

• HD-SDI / HDMI video cable to surface monitor, 30/50 meters

• 9" and 24" HD surface monitors with 4K/HD ProResHQ / DnXHD video recorder.


• HMI and tungsten underwater studio lamps 230V

​• Surface supplied 12V LED lighting for set interiors and high speed

• Lightpanels 1x1 LED battery lamps

• F.I.T. LED battery lamps

• Sola LED battery lamps• Darkbuster HID battery lamps


Macbook Pro laptop computer for file conversion and editing on site

• RAW processing

• One-light colour correction

• HD-SDI playout to monitor / recorder / live

• Transcoding to Quicktime, DNXHD, DNG/TIFF/TGA-sequence a.o.


• Nikonos 15mm wide angle prime

(sharpest underwater lens ever made)
• PL mount wide angle zooms

• PL mount primes

• Canon and Nikon fisheye/macro/ standard prime lenses


•  RED Epic 5K

•  RED Scarlet 4K

•  Phantom Flex 4K

• Sony A7sII 4K

• Sony A7s 4K

• PL / Canon / Nikon / Nikonos lens mounts


• Slow motion recording - up to 1500 frames pr. second (Phantom)
• Time-lapse
• Live tv-recording via 1080p/HD-SDI surface cable
• Multi camera shoot

•3D stereoscopic recording


• No time or budget for a dive team in the water, or just shooting shallow? With the Sony A7sII rigged on poles and a surface monitor, you can still get excellent underwater images without a diver. HD-SDI cable with uncompressed 4K UHD extends up to 60 meters.

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