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Launch date 2023-08-08

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• Nauticam housing for RED DSMC2/Arri Alexa Mini w. PL mount optics, full remote control

 2x Nauticam housings for Panasonic GH5 and GH5s

 Nauticam housing for Blackmagic BMPCC4K

 Nauticam housing for Sony A7s

• Aquavideo action housing, crash and splash, max depth 5 meters. Mounting points for crane and vehicle fixture. Fits many cameras.

• Port extenders, macro ports,  glass domes to allow most PL-mount prime lenses, compact zooms and still photo lenses


• 2-way diver to surface radio, full duplex. Cabled, AT (HSE) approved. Onboard audio recorders for voice

• Wireless diver to surface, diver to diver PTT communication

• HD-SDI / HDMI video cable to surface monitor, 30/50 meters

• 9" and 24" HD surface monitors with 4K/HD ProResHQ / DnXHD video recorder.


• HMI and tungsten underwater studio lamps 230V

​• Surface supplied 12V LED lighting for set interiors and high speed

• LED battery lamps, various types


• PL mount wide angle zooms

• PL mount primes

• Canon and Nikon fisheye/macro/ standard prime lenses

• Nikonos 15mm wide angle prime

(sharpest underwater lens ever made)

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•  RED Epic Gemini 5K

•  RED Scarlet 4K 

.  Blackmagic BMPCC4K raw

.  Panasonic GH5 and GH5s UHD/4K

• Sony A7s UHD

• PL / Canon / Nikon / Nikonos lens mounts


• Slow motion recording - up to 1500 frames pr. second (Phantom)
• Time-lapse
• Live tv-recording via 1080p/HD-SDI surface cable
• Multi camera shoot

•3D stereoscopic recording


• No time or budget for a dive team in the water, or just shooting shallow? With the cameras rigged on poles and a surface monitor, you can still get excellent underwater images without a diver. 

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