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​from HD to 6K underwater


For the ultimate in high resolution images, the RED cameras are the way to go. 6K (6144x3160 pixels) and the upcoming 8K RED resolves more than current digital IMAX resolution and is fast approaching 65mm analogue film. Although very few films are mastered at 8, 6K or even 4K yet, shooting at this scale gives added flexibility in post production for cropping, stabilizing and other image enhancements to give the best possible quality for theatrical 4K, 2K or television HD release.

When dynamic range and film tonal range is key, Arri Alexa is the no. 1 choice in feature film production. In controlled environments, the Hydroflex underwater housing is the best choice for studio performance with complete remote control over all camera functions. The Hydroflex Remote Aquacam Mk5 can accommodate several camera types like the Arri Alexa range, RED as well as the Phantom Flex 4K highspeed camera.

For documentaries and corporate / commercial productions we prefer to shoot with smaller cameras such as the Sony A7sII, a camera with unparalleled low light capabilities. Capturing video at 4K or HD resolution, this camera delivers high dynamic range images even in extreme low light - less than the eye can see. This is of particular importance in arctic winter conditions where very short days with almost no sunlight makes underwater filming a real challenge.

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