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At Hydrophobic, we specialize in providing professional underwater housings for a wide range of cine cameras.

Underwater housings

We own and operate several types of underwater camera setups, and provide housings for Arri, Sony, RED, Canon, Phantom and others. The housings can withstand depths to more than 80+ meters.


For 8K IMAX quality we use Nikonos RS special underwater lenses or Nauticam WACP attachments to provide true 4K+ underwater. All housings can provide live video feed to the surface, as well as control of camera menus, aperture and focus so that camera assistants can operate essential camera functions from dry land.

Nauticam Universal Cinema Housing 1.jpg
universal CINEma housing

For large size digital cine cameras with PL mount optics.

The Nauticam Universal Cinema Housing is a versatile solution designed to accommodate a diverse range of digital cinema cameras from brands such as Arri, Sony, RED, and more. This housing supports cinema-style PL mount zooms and primes, offering full cabled remote control capabilities and untethered open water operation. Key Features: Compatible with leading cinema cameras, including RED V-Raptor/XL, Komodo-X, DSMC2, SONY Venice/II, ARRI Alexa 35/LF/mini, Alexa 65, and other large-sized digital cinema cameras. * Features a quick-release housing lock and reliable construction for easy and secure installation. * Remote control of both camera and lens via the Camera Control Cable Set, offering SDI, Ethernet, and surface power all-in-one functionality. * The standard housing length with the N200 port system is compatible with all cinema lenses within 180mm in length. * Includes a V-mount battery plate, power cut and voltage monitor, power distribution panel, and internal power cable for RED, SONY, ARRI cameras. * Lens Control System supports ARRI/Preston/Tilta Nucleus-M motors for precise lens control. Integrated control panels modified from Tilta Nucleus-M right and left handgrips provide manual control for focus, zoom, and iris adjustments. * Advanced RED RCP2 Expansion Panel facilitates manual control of RED DSMC3 Raptor/XL cameras for enhanced flexibility. * The housing setup is designed for effortless camera preparation, allowing users to assemble the entire support and lens control system on a table with good lighting and ample workspace. * Trim weights can be attached and moved independently along the housing's skids for achieving optimal buoyancy. * External Monitor Support: Supports the attachment of multiple external monitors, such as Nauticam SmallHD 503 Underwater Housing and Nauticam Atomos Ninja V-S Monitor Housing, via SDI bulkheads and cables. * Nauticam's signature port locking system ensures a secure mount without twisting or threading action. Various locking port extensions are available for different lenses, ensuring stability even with long extension rings. * Experience unparalleled versatility and control with the Nauticam Universal Cinema Housing, designed to meet the demands of professional cinematographers.

Compact Photo/video

Housings for DSLR style compact photo/video cameras

DSLR photo/video cameras today can rival or even surpass large format cine cameras in pure image quality, but are perhaps more suited to on-the-go shooting: In very deep waters, freediving in the surf, in tight spaces, macro, for remote locations, travel and lightweight transportation requirements. We offer several types of housings and 4K - 8K cameras from Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic. Some of these can be fully operated via remote cable control.

Compact cine

Housing for RED Monstro VV full frame 8K raw camera

This camera and housing combination arguably delivers the highest optical resolution currently achievable underwater. Utilizing RED's full-frame Monstro sensor, this system captures raw 8K (8192 x 4320) at 60 fps. In conjunction with Nikonos RS underwater specialty lenses, we achieve unparalleled edge-to-edge corner sharpness, even at F2.8. This level of precision is unattainable with even the most superior glass domes. Although the final masters are delivered in 4K or HD, the initial 8K capture allows for versatile reframing in post-production, resulting in uniquely detailed images. On location, the system can be swiftly set up and dismantled in minutes, featuring quick-swap batteries and recording media changes while the camera is securely mounted in the housing. Lens changes can be executed in seconds. The compact size and lightweight design of this setup significantly reduces water resistance, particularly during free diving. With the internal RED monitor back, the complete system competes favorably with DSLR housings in terms of size and weight, yet it offers superior underwater balance and handling. Available lenses include a 13mm/F2.8 fisheye, 20-35mm/F2.8, 28mm/F2.8, and a 50mm/F2.8 1:1 macro.

Specialty housings

Adapted housings for bespoke camera setups

We provide housings that are custom made to fit specialty cameras, for remote or high risk placement, long duration time lapse and other irregular types of setups.


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