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work samples

Our team has worked on a variety of projects, providing underwater footage that captures the essence of each project. From large productions to small projects, we offer a variety of services to help our clients achieve their vision.

Work samples

Browse a selection of films where the underwater images were provided by Hydrophobic.

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  • "The Conquerors" Zed, ARTE / Science Channel

  • Norske naturperler - Naturbilder for NRK

  • "De andre"/"The others", Margreth Olin/Speranza Film

  • "Tvillingsøstre"/“Twin Sisters”, Mona Friis Bertheussen

  • Bear Grylls in Norway/Man vs. Wild, Discovery Channel

  • Schrödingers Katt, NRK

  • "Folk i farta" - Alex Rosén for NRK


  • "Iditsilba", dir. Elle Márjá Eira

  • "Å vende tilbake" - FilmBros

  • "Vannliljer i blomst", dir. Emil Stang Lund

  • "Sjögräss", dir. Ida Svenonius

  • "Den Lille Døden", dir. Simon Lundstrøm Tillaas

  • "Bakkeflyvere", dir. Stian Kristiansen

  • "Pioneren", dir. Nils Sandvik



  • PL mount wide angle zooms

  • PL mount primes

  • Canon and Nikon fisheye/macro/ standard prime lenses

  • Nikonos 15mm wide angle prime

  • (sharpest underwater lens ever made)


  • RED Epic Gemini 5K

  • RED Scarlet 4K

  • Blackmagic BMPCC4K raw

  • Panasonic GH5 and GH5s UHD/4K

  • Sony A7s UHD

  • PL / Canon / Nikon / Nikonos lens mounts


  • Slow motion recording - up to 1500 frames pr. second (Phantom)

  • Time-lapse

  • Live tv-recording via 1080p/HD-SDI surface cable

  • Multi camera shoot

  • 3D stereoscopic recording


No time or budget for a dive team in the water, or just shooting shallow? With the cameras rigged on poles and a surface monitor, you can still get excellent underwater images without a diver. 

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