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Tech know-how and years of experience paired with a passion for storytelling and cinematography enables us to take your underwater scenes to new depths!

beneath the surface

We create immersive images:

Commercials, documentaries, corporates, tv-drama and feature films can all benefit from beautiful, spooky, involving and awe--inspiring footage from down below.

Add some underwater scenes to your film!

we specialise in

we specialise in

Hydrophobic is a production company that specializes in underwater cinematography, focusing mainly on productions which require cinema grade picture quality in cold climates and sub-zero conditions.​ We shoot on formats that deliver high end film quality in true 4 - 8K resolution - up to IMAX quality. We use specialty underwater lenses to capture 8K raw footage, a quality which is not achievable with regular domes and standard optics.

pe production

pre production

Underwater shoots can be complex, but they don’t have to be! A few important factors need to be taken into consideration to achieve a successful water shoot, on time and on budget. We have extensive experience filming in and around water and will help you plan and budget your scenes. Get in touch and we will guide you through the process. 



On set we can outfit complete underwater or wild water units: A crew with all necessary camera gear, wet lighting, dive gear, boats and other items needed for wet and cold conditions. Yet, a well planned shoot can be ruined by foul weather, poor visibility and cold actors - things beyond anyone’s control. We know how to deal with this and provide contingencies for unforeseen events.


post - production

We make sure the footage is delivered safely and timely. Handling memory cards from underwater cameras is more complex than from topside cameras - underwater housings take time to open and close, and handling delicate electronics in wet and salty conditions is not ideal. Boats are also not the best place to do transfer and backup. We provide next-day one light rushes and proxy files for editing uploaded to fast servers, and keep copies of footage until the client has made sufficient backup. Long term storage also available.

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